We trade in the fastest growing Сrypto market

Сrypto is the most promising and fastest growing market. Ten years ago, Bitcoin emerged as the first cryptocurrency. Now all cryptocurrencies capitalization is more than 200 billions dollars. Take a part in our business and start investing in best profitable instruments.

We trade in the most profitable and high-risk Сrypto market

In the Сrypto market there is a huge share of speculative and arbitrage operations. Such transactions are many times higher than currency transactions associated with real commercial operations. The number of currency speculators has increased dramatically in the recent years. It requires a huge professional knowledge from market participants.

We trade in the Сrypto market around the clock

The continuous, non-stop nature of the Сrypto market is carried out by making transactions during the day alternately in all parts of the world. Due to the presence of trading bots, we trade around the clock. This allows us to make the most profitable trade transactions and earn even more profits.











Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program allows everyone to earn an additional passive income to promote the BitWalker investment program. To participate in the affiliate program you need to register on the website of https://bit-walker.com and get a unique referral link and promotional material for advertising. We encourage any permitted methods of advertising and promotion.

You can present our investment program on different forums, blogs, social networks, websites. Share your unique referral link with your friends and earn referral rewards. The size of the referral commission depends on the size of the deposit made by the invited participant. We use a three-level referral commission: 5%-3%-1%. For each personally invited participant you will receive 5% of the sum of his deposit. The reward for the 2nd level referral is 3%. The reward for the 3rd level referral is 1%.




- 3% - 1%