We trade in the fastest growing Сrypto market

Сrypto is the most promising and fastest growing market. Ten years ago, Bitcoin emerged as the first cryptocurrency. Now all cryptocurrencies capitalization is more than 200 billions dollars. Take a part in our business and start investing in best profitable instruments.

We trade in the most profitable and high-risk Сrypto market

In the Сrypto market there is a huge share of speculative and arbitrage operations. Such transactions are many times higher than currency transactions associated with real commercial operations. The number of currency speculators has increased dramatically in the recent years. It requires a huge professional knowledge from market participants.

We trade in the Сrypto market around the clock

The continuous, non-stop nature of the Сrypto market is carried out by making transactions during the day alternately in all parts of the world. Due to the presence of trading bots, we trade around the clock. This allows us to make the most profitable trade transactions and earn even more profits.











About Us
Our capabilities exceed your expectations

The Forex market provides huge opportunities for traders. This is the fastest growing and promising market. Due to the global nature of the Forex market, it is possible to trade the national currencies of different countries. This significantly increases the opportunities of traders and allows them to earn more profits. The universal nature of trading platforms and their unification allows traders to work with various Forex brokers and actively use trading bots on different trading platforms. Forex trading is carried out around the clock. The Forex market provides huge opportunities for earnings. However, there are big risks in the Forex market. Despite the regulation of the market by financial regulators of many countries there are a lot of speculations in the Forex market. The formation of prices for currency pairs does not always depend on the market conditions. This leads to the fact that market laws do not always work in the Forex market and many traders lose money. That is why an important thing for any company working in the Forex market is the professionalism of the team.

We work only with the most trusted and professional traders who are constantly improving their skills. We are constantly developing new trading strategies for our trading bots and follow the latest market developments as well as news. The extensive use of trading bots allows us to earn profits around the clock, as well as work with different trading brokers and different trading pairs. The Forex market does not stand still. Market conditions are constantly changing, so we closely monitor market conditions and customize bots according to the needs of the market. To be better than our competitors, we are constantly increasing our trading volumes. It allows us to earn more profit. For the purpose of further development, we decided to introduce an investment program that allows us to raise more funds for investing and trading in the Forex market. The funds raised will give us more opportunities and increase our profits.

Company Certificate

BitWalker is an official company. It trades in the Forex market. Our company has experienced employees who manually and using the most modern and efficient trading bots trade in the Forex market, providing the company with a constant and stable profit.

All registration documents of BitWalker can be found on our website. We successfully trade in the Forex market and thanks to our investment program we give an opportunity to earn money to all our investors.


258 Broad Street, Birmingham,
West Midlands, United Kingdom, B1 2HF

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How it Works?
01 Step

Registration of an account. Firstly, you need to register an account by filling out the registration form. After the registration, you must to login to your account.

02 Step

Deposit. After login, choosing a plan for investment and payment system or cryptocurrency for payment, you need to make a deposit.

03 Step

Accrual of profit. After making a deposit, a profit according investment plan will be accrued on the account balance.

04 Step

Profit withdrawal. All profits accrued to the account balance can be withdrawn to the payment system or cryptocurrency from which a deposit was made.